1986-1992 Medical Biology at the University Utrecht

1992-1997 OIO at the dept of Cell Biology, Erasmus MC.
Title of Thesis: CFTR function, regulation and characterization of a
mouse model for the delta-F508 mutation
Supervisors: Jan Bijman, Bob Scholte

Professional experience
Post-doc at the National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
Subject: Molecular mechanisms underlying late phase LTP
Supervisor: Tim Bliss

Post-doc at the dept of Neuroscience, Erasmus MC.
Subject: Molecular mechanisms underlying long-term changes in synaptic
Head of department: Chris de Zeeuw

Associate professor (till 5/2009 as post-doc), dept of Neurology, Erasmus MC.
Subjects: i) Translational research on gliomas
ii) Identification of causal genetic changes in gliomas
Head of department: Peter Sillevis Smitt

EORTC brain tumor group, steering committee and current chair of the translational research committee
Founder of the Cancer Treatment Screening Facility